A long trip over a small pond: Getting settled in Albuquerque

So July 31st finally arrived and with way too many emotions on my side my parents brought me to the airport in Düsseldorf. My brother later joined us there. It all seemed to go great and well until they tried to start the cheek in process. Airberlin’s check-in system decided to have a europe-wide melt down and nothing worked. Eventhough I was the 25th person in line – yeah I counted… what can I say… too much time on my hand – I didn’t have a boarding pass in my hand until 65 minutes before takeoff. So I was in line for over 2 hours. Not good Airberlin… not good. Due to the delay I had to rush to security, quickly say goodbye to my family and get to my plane. On the plane I sat next to a really nice girl that was on her way to San Francisco and she also had a 5 hour layover in LA, so we spent that together and has some really expensive and really disgusting Pasta Pesto at the airport. The food on the plane, however, was really good. It surprised me that the vegetables in the warm meal actually had a pleasant consistency. When I finally arrived in Albuquerque at 11:35pm MT(!) Tonya and her oldest daughter picked me up and brought me to their home. They are really nice and I’m so glad they are letting me stay at their house until I can move into my apartment. Speaking of apartment 🙂 I GOT ONE. It actually was only the second place I looked at and felt comfortable right away. I can move in on monday so that will be quite exciting. Yesterday was a little stressful. I checked in with the international office around 9 am, killed some time while getting to know the campus a bit. It is really pretty around there and it’s so green. IMG_2070 IMG_4694 And there are hummingbirds… I can’t even tell you how excited I was. I think they are so cute. After a quick lunch, Tonya and her middle one took me to set up a bank account and get an American phone number, so now I’m all set up. Later we all had dinner at this New Mexican place. It was so good and now if someone asks me red or green, I know that my choice is green chile. Right now I’m home alone with their dog and later we’ll drive to Target so I can get some basics that I need for my place. On monday there’s a furniture market at the BSU so I’m hoping to get some furniture there like a bed frame for example. The girls said something about making home-made burgers tonight. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about that. So I’m off now to eat some left over waffles from breakfast because it is 10 am and I’m hungry again. Oh and here is a picture of the landscape of the North East quarter of the city where I live until monday. IMG_4000


One thought on “A long trip over a small pond: Getting settled in Albuquerque

  1. Toll, dass alles soweit geklappt hat und das du auch direkt eine Wohnung bekommen hast! Gratuliere 🙂 Dann bin ich mal gespannt, was du noch berichten wirst, von der Uni, von deiner Wohnung etc. Halte uns (und besonders mich, haha!) bitte auf dem Laufenden! 🙂


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