Let me show you the world: Welcome to my apartment

I’ve been getting quite a few texts and messages of friends who want to see my apartment and as I can’t just open my door and let you all in, I decided to do a picture tour through my place. Pictures prove to be deceiving so I drew a quick sketch of the layout.


Soon the left side of the ‘front door’ you see a dark brown square. That is the amazing bureau I got. It is really neat to look at and adds a homey feel to the corner. The many drawers and nooks are perfect to store school supplies, chargers, and all the papers one has flying around. In only two quick steps the office/desk area disappears and makes it look like just another dresser.

P1060792 P1060793 P1060795

What in my sketch may look like a pile of poop my neighbor’s cat left is my love chair. This thing is really big and really soft. I am thinking about buying a TV and putting it on top of the bureau so I can catch up with all my favorite shows once they return in september.


MY KITCHEN! I was really excited about getting a kitchen. As some of you may know… I LOVE TO COOK. When I moved into a shared flat 4 years ago (wow) I really missed being able to just be able to put something into the fridge and -most likely- still find it there when I need it. So know I have my own kitchen. No flat mates that develop a craving for goat cheese at 2am and leave me out of cheese when I need it 🙂


Also a huge plus about living alone as opposed to a shared flat or a dorm room is your own bathroom. While I did not get the bathtub I was dreaming about (I grew up without one but am a sucker for Lush okay?) I am really happy with the small but really clean and neat bathroom I now have. It is just big enough to offer storage for all the necessities you may need in there and the shower curtain may just be the cutest one I have ever seen. On the bottom there are purple flower details but the hooks on top are not kept in place by simple plastic caps but by white and purple butterflies. I think this just adds a nice girly touch to it and makes the room look less sterile and hospital-like.

P1060804  P1060806

For some reason a bunch of my friends love box spring beds and are hoping to get one one day. Well I now have one. The first night I did not sleep well on it and was really disappointed. I spent half an hour reading mattress pad reviews hoping to find a way to improve my sleeping. But last night I slept really well so I guess it was just me being nervous, uncomfortable, and maybe somewhat anxious about sleeping in an without knowing someone far away from home. The metal blinds and the curtains block off the moon light and the brightness of the street lamps pretty well. This whole building is equipped with a number of security cameras so there always is some light in the parking lot aswell. I do have a coffee table but right now I’m just using it as a night stand. Slightly out of proportion but it is doing its job 🙂


Last but now least my walk-in closet. Since Carrie Bradshaw let girls into her life they have been dreaming about having a walk-in closed themselves. I – to be honest – am no exception. My room of clothing and accessories is not royal blue and filled with Dior, Manolos, and Hermes purses but I made an effort and bought turquoise coat hangers to add a splash of color into it.


I hope you enjoyed this little visual trip. Feel free to like and leave a comment down below to let me know what you think 🙂


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