Sandia Peak

Warning: This post is heavy on pictures and easy on text. Summary: When Silke was visiting me, we took the world’s longest tramway, rode up to the Sandia Peak and took a hike.


I just really like these small wooden pedestrian bridges that of over the tramway. Note the chicken wire cage to prevent suicides.


And off we went. Here you can see the ground station of the tramway.


Up we go… look how small Albuquerque looks. Just lego houses and toy cars.


The car that went down passed us. Soon after, it went over that cliff with just about one meter/ 3ft between the floor and the top of the mountain. Engineering.


Still going higher… just hanging on a wire… hey that rhymed.


In winter, people use this side of the Sandias (Spanish for watermelon) to break bones and tear ligaments…. FUN


Hey little bird. Thanks for not being scared and letting me come really close to take a picture of you.


And off we hiked. In August, the trail was not icy… which was good because Silke forgot her running shoes about 1000m below the point we were at and she had to hike in flip flops (reason why we only hiked the trail for about 45 min)


Look how narrow that bloody trail is. And it goes far down. Scroll back up to the bridge, look at the cage, and contemplate if the money should have been invested into putting some safety rails on this trail.


Look at this views. It was in the “monsoon” season and it had rained a couple of days ago so it looks really lush. Trust me.. it usually is not that green. (I had 6 days with some rain…in 100 days… and “rain” refers to five minutes of some raindrops… heavy rain maybe twice)


Oh yeah and the obligatory: “Mom I really went hiking, it’s not a copy paste from flickr” picture.


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