My Labor Day Weekend: Hike to Lake Williams/ Rio Grande Gorge

Day 2 in Taos was going to be an exhausting one. If you are in the Rocky Mountains, there are two things you can do: Go skiing or go hiking. There is no snow in September, so hiking it was.Our bus dropped us off in the Taos Ski Valley, which is about 20 minutes outside of Taos and I must say it looks very Bavarian. The goal of our hike was Lake Williams. So about 30 international students and one supervisor laced up the running shoes and up it went. After about 45 minutes we took a break at a Bavarian Beer Hut (I kid you not), and after another 45 minutes we finally reached the lake for a well deserved lunch break. The first part of the hike was on nice, fairly flat forrest ways, the second part was very step and you had to climb and jump a lot. But when we finally arrived, it was well worth it. Luckily, through the height, it was not as hot as it was in Albuquerque in early September, so the conditions were very pleasant. Still, some of the boys thought it would be cool to jump into the lake. They ended up cutting open their feet, and my iodine creme came in handy.

P1060997 P1070003 P1070012

A couple of us decided to get a better view on the lake and climbed onto a cliff.


Hey mom, here are my shoes, so you know that I seriously got up there and sat on the edge. Later, we stopped at the Rio Grade Gorge. Indeed, it is by far not as impressive as the Grand Canyon (which I have yet to see), but it is still exciting to see how a river and stone interact in the course of centuries. I would even say that this gorge is a nice example for lixiviation. The water of the river flushed out all the minerals of the stone and left behind a deep canyon.

P1070034 P1070041 P1070042


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