My Labor Day Weekend: Earthship Biotecture HQ

Our next trip brought us to the world’s largest “Earthship” community. Earthships are houses build with old tires, bottles, beer cans, and -of course- earth.

There is a intricate science behind it and it is said that the houses need no energy, no heating, even no sewage. The way the house is built depends on were you are. It will always be adapted to your personal environmental needs. The community here in Taos is focused on keeping it cool and preserving water while making the best out of the stale desert ground. Houses in England, e.g. have different needs as you have a lot more rain and a lot less heat over there.

The design of the houses within the community differ largely and are adjusted to one’s wishes. But the main structure of building the walls out of tires, filling them with earth and mud, always remains the same.

We did not spend a lot time, but here is the link to there website and below are some pictures I took. They look pretty cool, though I prefer the designs from e.g. the UK or Canada 🙂

P1070043 P1070044 P1070045 P1070048 P1070054 P1070052


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