New Mexico State Fair

Earlier this fall it was time for the New Mexico State Fair. I was prepared for a lot of things: rides, funnel cake, kettle corn, and way to expensive cotton candy. And yes, I was warned that there would be a rodeo, but still, I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. Let’s just say: I wish I was wearing cowboy boots. So after paying a $10 entry fee (no student discount… boo), we headed straight to the rodeo arena… only to find out that we were to late for the shows of the day.


So first we ran into this lady, riding a bull with massive horns… and she was goofing around as if it was a Shetland Pony.


After taking a few, confused turns we ended up in the horse stables and got some pretty shots of this champ, who got a well deserved shower. It was a fairly warm day, somewhere around 35°C so as soon as he got wet, he was a very happy horse.


Oh hey me, lurking around in the stables, fotobombing Em’s headshot of this pretty Quarter Horse.


Suddenly, we were face to face with the inhabitants of the cattle stable. Good evening, Sir.


Oh yeah, there was a sheep pageant (also pig and duck races. but those pictures are not on my hard drive)


Miniature pigs. Very cute.


Spotted Llamas. And no it did not spit… success.


Little Old me, in a deep conversation with this tiny goat.

DSC_3384 But at the end of the day, there also were some rides. However, we did not end up going on any because in addition to the entry fee, you had to pay up to five dollars to go on a ride.


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