German Breakfast

Every time you talk to a German person that has been abroad for a while, they will tell you how much they miss bread. I usually dismissed that notion, thinking that you can get bread all over the world and that toast broad isn’t that bad. Well it isn’t bad to have some toast for a while. But after a couple of months, it gets boring, you realize that the local bread is not really what you think of when hearing bread and you begin craving. In the international office of UNM you will find a lovely lady named Susi. She, in fact, is german as well and invited us to her house for a German breakfast. As a group we baked Bretzel and she had found good bread somewhere.

It was very nice to bond with some fellow germans and eat some of the food you had been longing for.

10644994_297343403806587_304679181306356185_n IMG_6754 IMG_6755 IMG_6758


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