Las Luminares

Before starting with my christmas vacation posts, I decided to catch up with some cool things I got to do in Albuquerque. One of the biggest things in early december in New Mexico is Las Luminares. Traditionally, Luminares are brown paper bags, filled with sand and a candle. These are used to decorate houses and driveways during winter. Today, there also are electric one’s that are put on top of roofs and brave the strong winds without going out or catching fire. A tradition in connection to Las Luminares, is the hanging of the greens on the campus of the UNM. Luminares are put up all over campus, there is free cocoa by the bookstore on behalf of the president and the participants march to the house of the president while singing carols. IMG_0275 IMG_0307 IMG_0341 IMG_0367 IMG_0382 IMG_0383


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