Volunteering in Popejoy Hall/ Christmas Celebration with the president

One of the reasons why I got my scholarship to study abroad was my voluntary work for my university. So, it seemed natural for me to look into possibilities to volunteer at UNM. I ended up volunteering at Popejoy Hall. It is the largest theater in the state and has a number of great shows every month. My job here is to promote their program that allows school children from the entire state to come in and experience the culture they have to offer for prices to low that every family can afford it. Only through raising money and awareness for this project it can keep going. I get to know a lot of interesting people and talk to them about what the program does. But, also I get to go on stage before every show and talk to the large audience. This helped me get over my uneasiness regarding microphones. Finally, I also get to see the shows for free, which is a very nice side effect. To honor our efforts, the president of UNM invited me and the other international volunteers to his house for their Christmas party. Unfortunately, I do not have our group picture with the president but here is a picture of the group, with our supervisor and her husband.


They all have left Albuquerque by now, but they were great to work with. A few days later, we all were interviewed for an advertisement campaign for the project. Exciting things are happening to me 🙂

IMG_6856 IMG_6857 IMG_6858


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