Winterwonderland Hawaii: Road to Hana

December 15th, yet another 4 am wake up call. The night at the terminal was not very relaxing and at 4 am our phones rang out loud. Time to get going. Most of the people around us were still fast asleep and the airport in general very quiet. In turns we freshened up and changed in the restroom, gathered all our luggage and walked from the international terminal to the inter-island terminal. This terminal is almost exclusively used by Hawaiian airlines and only services flights to the other islands. The first part of our trip was to Maui and we were very excited to hop on a plane and get the adventure started. Christina had discovered that signing up for the frequent flyer program from Hawaiian Airlines actually has many advantages, e.g. we saved money on the baggage fees to check our luggage. Again we headed through security, this time, however, without the princess treatment. I got myself a Chai Tea Latte and a chocolate croissant for breakfast and slowly we made our way to the gate. It only takes a 30minute flight to get from Oahu to Maui. For the entire time in Maui, we had rented a car so our first stop was picking up our Nissan Versa Note and we drove to Walmart. To experience Maui as closely as possible we were going to spent most of the night on camping grounds so we needed to get a lot of groceries. At the register I suddenly realized that my passport was no longer in my camera bag. So I rushed back to the car and dug through all of my carry on. Unfortunately, I had left my pouch with a number of important documents on the airline. A number of calls with the airline followed and finally after about an hour it was located and stored in Honolulu. While I was unhappy that they kept it in Honolulu, I was thrilled that it was found. We started the car and headed towards Hana. The road to Hana is famous for its views, the many turns and small bridges. Our first stop was a sugar ray plantation where we got some bananas fresh from the tree. The taste of the fresh bananas was exquisite and in no way comparable to the average supermarket banana.


The next stop was the location of the Twin Falls. These are some famous water falls – we later realized that we indeed had hiked up to some waterfalls but these weren’t the actual Twin Falls. The falls are on a private property so you are walking around in someone’s backyard. I just like to imagine having a backyard like that. I would be so happy. As the falls are in the rainforest, the paths are very muddy (and slippery… ask Christina).

IMG_0511 IMG_0516

IMG_0536 IMG_0541

Along the road there are several other water fall and picturesque stops, but I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_0552 IMG_0557

IMG_0562 IMG_0566

The road to our camping ground was only 52miles but it took us about 2.5 hours to get there because every now and then we would stop to take a break and take in the views. It was the early afternoon when we arrived at the Waianapanapa State Park. We set up the tent, moved into it and took a hike to get accustomed to our surroundings. Soon after, we met the only other person camping on the ground. His name was Stewart, and he had just left Colorado to go on a trip around the world. Completely exhausted from the trip and the rather restless night at the airport, we ate cold pasta for dinner and fell asleep shortly after the sun set at 6pm. During the night, heavy rain woke me up a couple of times. But I guess that is why they call it rain forest. xx


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