Winterwonderland Hawaii: Off to Lahaina

December 18

After three nights in the rainforest, it was time to leave south east Maui and head to the north west. Today we woke up before sunrise and headed to the cliffs to watch the sunrise.

IMG_6935 IMG_6936 IMG_6944 IMG_6945

After sunrise, we packed up our belongings and hung up our tent to dry. (Which cause a funny incident between Christina and an elderly bavarian couple… she may tell you the story once you ask her šŸ˜‰ ) While it dried we said goodbye to Stewart and walked through the park one last time. Then we headed back to Kahului. This time the trip through theĀ Road to Hana was a lot quicker as we did not have to stop every few minutes to snap pictures. However, we still have a couple of great memories from the trip back to civilization, especially the following one:

When you drive down the road, you will see a lot of lianes hanging down, some of these will even hit your car while driving as they are hanging so low. The whole time Christina and I pretended to pull on one of these lianes. However, we never actually dared to do so out of respect for the plant. On the way back to Kahului, a car drove towards us and suddenly, the passenger reached out of the car and pulled on one of the lianes. Christina and I were laughing so hard, that we almost had to pull over.

Back in Kahului, we headed to the airport to talk to Hawaiian Airlines and figure out, how I could get my passport back and leave the island. Unfortunately, they will not send anything to Maui, once it is in the lost and found in Honolulu. However, the ensured me that I could get through TSA with my state ID and drivers license. But I should make sure to be there early enough to go through an extra careful security screening. Once I arrived in Honolulu, they told me, I could pick up my passport in the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage department. From Kahului we headed to our nest camping ground. On the way out, we stopped an outlook over the humpbackĀ whale sanctuary.

IMG_0822 IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0828


Soon after, we arrived at our new camping ground Camp Olowalu. It is a private camping ground and therefore, slightly more expensive than a state owned camping ground. However, the amenities were also better (e.g. the camping ground offered a washer, a dryer, private showers and power outlets) and the design of the campground more creative. Here we could chose rather remote camping ground right by the ocean.

IMG_0841 IMG_0849

After getting settled we drove a few minutes up north to Lahaina. The city fells very touristy and has a lot to offer. Our first stop was the fairly large outlet center. The hike up the seven sacred pools had left some damage on Christina’s short so she was happy to buy some new ones. The center also has a Hard Rock Cafe which gave her an opportunity to add another shirt to her collection. It was past lunch time and we felt quite hungry so we looked for a nice place to eat. We found a nice place right by the waterside. I had pulled pork sliders with truffle chips, Christina had a Quinoa wrap. Great drinks to go along with it are Margaritas and Lahaina Lemonade.

IMG_0855 IMG_0858

Afterwards we returned to our campground and watched the sun set while standing in the water.
Right after sunset we went to bed.

IMG_0862 IMG_0864 IMG_0868 IMG_0875


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