Winterwonderland Hawaii: Converting to Mormonism? And the World’s best Burger

December 23rd:

The day before Christmas Eve started rather calmly. After a relaxing night, we started our day with no stress. Eventhough, it was very windy and rainy that night, we did not get a lot of it as we set up our tent under some trees that stood over the tent lake a cave.


The rain left our table wet so we had breakfast in the tent and eventually decided to go look at the temple down the street, that our map advertised as the “Taj Mahal of the Pacific”… well then. Once we arrived at the temple, we realized that it was the heart and pride of the Mormon community of Hawaii. Since we were already there, we figured that a pit stop in the visitor’s center wouldn’t hurt. Right away, we were scooped up by an elderly couple who decided to tell us all about their religion and the “true american history”. Somehow, we didn’t manage to get out of that conversation and 90 minutes later, we left the visitor’s center with a bunch of pamphlets and the book of mormon in our hand. Interesting what they had to say, but for each their own I guess.


Afterwards, we drove further up north to a small village called Haleiwa. Apparently, it is known for hosting some of the world’s most famous surfing competitions.

IMG_1307 IMG_1310 IMG_1312 IMG_1314

The town, however, was very crowded and felt very touristy so after driving through it, we decided to take a u-turn and get back to the camping ground. Half way back we stopped at the…. grill and ate the most delicious burger I have ever had. Forget Joe Champs, and forget the one’s we had in Lahaina… these were amazing.

IMG_1322 IMG_1323

Back in Laie, we decided to treat ourselves and went to the local nail studio for a manipedi. The massaging chairs during the pedicure were just what our backs needed and so we floated a few inch above the ground when we headed one door down to go see a movie. After the movie, we returned to the camping ground and went for a walk on the beach. Too bad the weather was that bad and swimming forbidden. The beach was just amazing and the proximity to the small island made me want to jump in the water and cross the distance.



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