Winterwonderland Hawaii: it’s all about food and beaches

After a very relaxing night, Christina woke me up to show me the sky. The sind was rising and it looked simply magnificent.




Once we had ooooohed and aaaaaaahed, and taken a bunch of pictures, there was not really a way to get back to sleep. So we got up and ready for the day and traded in a voucher we had gotten from hawaiian Airlines. In return, we both received a croissant, a banana, a cup of coffee and an orange-passionfruit juice each. With our breakfast in our hands, we went across the street and had a relaxing breakfast at the beach.


Today was a big day, time to return our rental car and we also had to move to another hotel. The tent was finally perfectly dry so we could clean it a bit, fold it neatly and pack it away. All our other belongings had to be shoved into a suitcase and a hiking backpack, so we could check out. On the way to leave the hotel, we took a couple of minutes out of our time to check out the aquarium in one if the restaurants and saw, that they made one of their employees dress up as an elf and swim in the tank. I wish I was kidding, but Hawaii takes Christmas quite seriously… in weird ways.


Then, we stored our larger pieces of luggage and headed to the airport to return the car. Once that was all done, we took the bus back to waikiki. The bus ride is pretty quick and you get to see nice things. Unfortunately, they do not allow you to take any luggage onto the bus. Back in Waikiki, we picked up our remaining belongings and marched to out other hotel…. which was merely two blocks away. The friendly Canadian receptionist Brian let us into our real, even though it was a few hours before check in time… not only that, he also upgraded us to a room with kitchen.

Once we had looked at the room, appreciated the view and tested the firmness of the mattress, we walked to Sephora to pick up my birthday present (yeahyyy… I love the I love make up mascara).


Then we grabbed lunch at Cheesecake factory. Once again it was really filling. My small pizza had the size of an average frozen pizza and my small side salad was large enough to feed one.
After lunch we returned to the beach to read and relax. A long semester with pretty much no summer break had come to an end so it was so nice to read a book that was not listed on a syllabus. A little later, the sun began to close onto the horizon, so I decided to grab some quotes from a couple of surf schools…



Back in the hotel, we got ready to go out again to give the party scene of Waikiki another shot. Still well filled from the lunch at Cheesecake Factory, we decided to only grab a slice of Cheesecake for dinner. It felt as if we stood in line for hours but when we finally got our orders, we sat down in the sand by the water in darkness and devoured our cakes.




The day in the sun had been surprisingly exhausting so we decided to return to the hotel. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out… I guess our bodes had just gotten so used to the 12 hours of sleep in the past two weeks.


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