Winterwonderland Hawaii: Three Europeans trying to celebrate Christmas in Waikiki


Christinas eve did not really start with the best moods. We were woken by rain on our tent and a quick Glace through the small window of the tent told us that is was really muddy outside. But that wasn’t all, we had a crying cat in the “awning” and a pretty loud cock that strutted circles around our tent. After a while, however, the acceptable timeframe to hide in the sleeping bag was over and we started packing our belongings and put away the dirty tent. When that was done, we drove from Lai’e to Honolulu. Somewhere on the way, sky started clearing up and we could appreciate the landscape. The mountains are really impressive and make you curious what is hidden behing them.




The bad weather had brought us to the city earlier than expected, so we were unable to check in just yet. We used the time to talk to friends and family on Skype. After sending them to bed or midnight mess, we met up with out friend Valentin, whom we had met on the last campground in Maui. Originally, the tree of us had planned to join a Lei class. That one, however, was ridiculously overfilled. When one spot eventually filled up, Christina and I decided to let Valentin to take that spot as it originally had been his idea.

IMG_7031 This is the Lei he made.

In the mean time, we checked into our hotel, put up the tent on the balcony to let it dry and got a short rest. The quick trip to the place were the class was held and back, gave us a first look on Waikiki and their Christmas decoration. I mean look at this hotel right by the ocean.


After getting settled, we went to the beach. On the way there, we just randomly ran into Santa. Apparently, he spent some time in Hawaii and lost his coast on the way… oh well….


Then, we lay down in the sand and waited for the sun to set.



IMG_1347 The view from our room’s balcony.


But let’s be honest, December 24th is Christmas to most of us europeans, so the three of us planned to grab a nice dinner. A nice dinner can be very expensive in Waikiki, so we settled on the Cheesecake factory. Apparently, we were not the only people who wanted to dine there and after queueing for 15 minutes, we were told that starting here, the waiting time was another two hours. The hungry worriers in us did not want to wait two more hours so we moved on to the Hard Rock Cafe, where Christina got to pick up her tshirt. Here the wait was only 30 minutes, which sounded much much better. Only 20 minutes later, when we had just leaned against the bar to sip a drink, we got called to our desk. We had burger and spareribs for dinner… and these were so stuffing that our plans for dinner went straight through the window. A local band played cover songs on cello, violin, acoustic guitar and concertina. Refreshing and interesting. Unfortunately, I forgot their name.


Well filled, we were poised to burn of these christmassy calories and followed a hint Valentin had gotten in the hostel. The club, however, turned out to be pretty “ghetto” and soon we felt like being in the middle of a semi-bad dance movie, where 98% of the clubs patrons were standing on a circle around the dace floor and the remaining 2& were engaged in an epic dance battle.

After a while, this got rather boring and we left the club. It was really nice to walk trough the warm summer air and in front of our hotel we said goodbye to Valentin.


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