Winterwonderland Hawaii: a day alone in Honolulu: 28hour birthday and a billion errands to run

A new day and again we have to pack.
Again, Christina woke up ridiculously early but let me sleep. It wasn’t until 8.05am that I checked the time. I hadn’t slept this long with December 13th. After a nice, hot shower and some packing, we headed out into town to find some breakfast. Our hunt was successful and well filled, we started packing up everything. Like the day before, we left the luggage in the hotel after checking out so we didn’t have to deal with it all day long. Christina had booked a diving trip so we waited in the lobby for her to be picked up. Some of the time was spent with admiring the tasteful (or something along the lines) christmas decoration.


The pick up had a slight delay but once she was on the road, I talked to a few friends on skype and around 1pm Hawaiian time, my phone and facebook started getting active; my 28hour birthday marathon had begun. After a quick talk on facetime with my parents and my brother dearest, I left the lobby to get my errands done.



First I headed to Starbucks to make use of their much much better and faster wifi to check some details for the next 48 hours and it just so happened that I got to talk to Christian for a while, who was stuck in Cologne, in the mood to party but no one around who felt like going out… poor poor thing.
Afterwards, I went to the Apple store to check out my options regarding the slightly cracked screen of my iPad. None of the options sounded really appealing, therefore, I purchased a smartcase. This is much easier to handle than the sturdy leathercase I have had for the last couple of years and neatly covers the rough part of the crack. Then i returned to the Hardrock cafe, to trade a voucher from our hotel for some Hardrock Cafe Luggage Tags. Free things are always nice 😉


Once all of that was done, I walked back to the Apple Store to put all the picture I had taken so far onto Christina’s USB stick, so she could take them home and show them to her family at the end of Christmas break. Her stick, however, appeared to be rather old so transferring the 6GB took well over an hour.

When all errands were crossed off, it was almost 5pm, so too late to take a surfing lesson. Well I guess that is for another trip… it is always good to have things remaining on a bucket list, right? So, instead of throwing myself into the waves, I purchased a secret santa present and some chocolate.
I strolled back to the hotel and walked passed a small market. They offered a bunch of different food but also one stand that sold spring rolls. Of course I had to check those. My conclusion: The one dollar spring roll from Mrs. Chen was good but no where close to the Loempia on the market in Schagen… or maybe I am just missing northern Holland because it has been a while since I last went there.


Back at the hotel, where we checked out earlier, I asked for the price for a cab as we had returned our rental car earlier and there was one last night to spend at a camp ground. The estimated price made me almost topple over. Originally, our plan had been that the luggage and I took a cab and Christina would take the bus there… For the named price, we would have been able to stay another night in the hotel. I was pretty unsure what to do, so I waited for Christina’s return.
When she got back, we decided to call a Lyft (same as an uber) and soon Andrew, a friendly Korean guy, drove us to the camp ground. This way, it cost less than a quarter of the cab. The camp ground turned out to be right next to a cruise ship harbor. Therefore, the night was a little less quite that the other nights at camping grounds but sleep took over quickly anyways.


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