Winterwonderland New York City: Oh thy beautiful High Line

December 29th, 2014

On our first actual day in New York, the others work me up in the middle of the night… Well at least from my point of view. Their European time and my Hawaiian time differed by 11 hours so our biorhythms did have quite a gap. Once we all were up and ready, we began our hunt for breakfast. Fed with pancakes and vitalized with coffee, we started the day in the Big Apple.


Our first stop was the Best buy at the southern end of Central park in which Steffi wanted to pick up some bobs and bits. After this was not crowned with success we headed to the Apple store at Columbus Circle… Upon seeing the line we decided to choose another Apple store. Instead we headed to FAO Schwarz, arguable the best place to be a grown up kid at. Unfortunately, the amazing Harry Potter section was taken down in favor of some new trend. So rather than contemplating completely (un)necessary purchases, we judged the current Barbie selection and realized that they were much prettier when we were in the target group. Following the probably last stop at FAO Schwarz in our lives – at least in this location –  we decided to stay kids and headed to the Disney store. The amount of Frozen merchandize in there was overwhelming and we soon retreated to the hotel for some rest and planning.

IMG_1530 IMG_1535

In the evening I could convince the others, even though they were already tired due to the timezone change, to join me on a trip to one of my favorite placed in New York, if not the world: The Highline.


The meatpacking district was only a short walk away from our hotel, so we walked there, went to an Apple store to pick up a phone case for Pascal and headed up the Highline. Since my last visit in 2012, the Highline was expanded and a lot has changed for the positive. It was a very nice and photogenic walk while the night took over.

IMG_1566 IMG_1580


Tired and hungry we then headed to Penn Station to have a steak at TGIs for dinner.


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