Winterwonderland New York City: Meeting the Enterprise

The day started with my jet lagged brain hearing Torsten mention an airplane carrier. As this blog has states several times, I am not the biggest fan of ships, ship screws or harbors. Airplane carriers on the other hand have always caught my attention and I hold a fascination for this creation. As I am from a city in the middle of the country and airplane carriers are rather rare, I had yet to see one. So once I found out that there was one anchored in the Hudson… I knew I had to get there.
After breakfast, the four of us marched to the port, paid our entrance fees and entered the museum. The carrier is no longer active and now houses an aviation and space flight museum.


Right next to the ship stands a Concorde… unfortunately no longer taking you to Paris within few hours. The picture here, however, was taken from a higher position on the Intrepid.

Previous posts suggest that I am rather critical of Americans’ view of military and war, but the museum caught my attention and was an objective representation of every day life on an airplane carrier. There even is a part that feels a lot like the children museum in Mexico City. Many hands-on displays explain different aspects of aviation, such as why the aerodynamic shape of an airplane wing is more efficient than the form of a normal wood plank. Further, there are flight simulators, movies to see and I believe even a centrifuge.

On the flight deck, which you can reach with the help of the plane lift (so cool!), you find a variety of planes and helicopters.

IMG_1666 IMG_1665

A large white tent stands at the end of the runway. This tent, however, was the main reason why we went to this museum and paid a five dollar surcharge to get in said tent… Not only does this tent house an exhibition about the history and showcases great pictures of Hubble, it also houses the Enterprise… Yeah… the spaceshuttle!!!!
So cool!

Obviously, we spent quite some time examining the shaceshuttle. Walk around it, from below, left right, the front. The only angles you could not see it from it the top and the inside… too bad.


In fact, I feel like if you look at her from straight ahead, she looks a bit like a friendly dragon… my friends say it is silly. (For whatever reason, the Enterprise is gendered female in German so it would have felt weird so call her it… and ships are female in general so a space shuttle is pretty darn close to a space ship right?)

My dearest brother was quite jealous when I started sending him pictures of the planes… and a selfie with the enterprise… spaceshelfie?

Once we got off the airplane carrier, we walked to Grand Central Station and wandered around. To be honest, I believe that 95% of the people in the entrance hall are there to look at the lofty ceilings and take in the charms of passed days, as most stood around and there was little movement towards the platforms.

Grand Central Station is a fascinating place. It also has a fanshop, houses an apple store and makes you want to rewatch all the movies and TV shows that were shot here. In my case, I had the urge to start watching Gossip Girl from season 1 on all over again.

For dinner, we once again got a salad from Hale and Hearty Soups, and I achieved the realization, that fresh avocados in Maui taste much better than avocados in Manhattan.


The night ended early as we knew that the next one would be a very very long and exhausting one.


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