Winterwonderland New York City: New Years Eve at Times Square


TODAY I WAS FINALLY ALLOWED TO SLEEP IN!!! And it was amazing. This morning we chose another place to have breakfast at, but it didn’t make much of a difference. Afterwards, we went to CVS to stock up on water, snacks and hand warmers.
Many had warned us, others had suggested not to do it, but we did it anyways.
Back at the hotel we bundled up and by bundled up I mean: two pairs of tights, one pair of leg gins, knee-high socks, jeans, two shirts, a cardigan, two sweatshirts, a coat, a scarf, a hat, extra padding in the winter boots, hand warmers and gloves.
Around 2:30 we walked towards 8th avenue and 49th street where the police had set up the entrance to the Times Square. Eventhough it was rather early, then waiting area was really full and people were pushing like crazy. After about 35 minutes of little air to breathe, we made it past the police barriers including bag check and a pat down).


In the course of the afternoon we go closer and closer to the stages and ended up at seventh and 47th. So our spot wasn’t too bad. Once you had passed the barriers the space situation was much different. No more pushing, no more space issues but room to move, breath and dance. It was quite cold and I started worrying a bit how the night cold would turn out to be. While we waited the musical acts that would perform later that night went through their sound checks. Some of them used it as a way to entertain the waiting masses and did not just go through standard procedure. By far the most amusing soundcheck was the one of Idina Menzel. Unfortunately, I could not find a good video on youtube to show it, as most videos of her from that night are mainly to complain about her not hitting some notes correctly… well… We’ll all miss out on the chance of rewatching that sound check.


Idina Menzel


Taylor Swift

In the course of the night, many acts including Magic, Florida Georgia Line, OAR, Idina Menzel and Taylor Swift graced the stage. It was a great evening/night and we had a lot up fun. We also spent some time talking to a family that was in line behind us. They had come to New York from Jacksonville, Florida.

IMG_6655 IMG_6657 IMG_6658 IMG_6659

Countdown to the New Year


These interns probably have the best job in NYC.
Throwing bucket of confetti from a skyscraper!!!

However, when the ball dropped and confetti flew through the air, we were more than happy that the bed and the warm hotelroom was very close. But when we moved along with the masses that excited Times Square… the happiness about the closeness of the hotel only increased. Instead of having to wait ages to get into an overflowing metro car, we could just walk a few blocks and be at our destination for the night.



As soon as we hit the hotel, we all fell asleep… eventhough all we did was stand around…

  • all of the pictures were taken by Torsten

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