Winterwonderland New York City: Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge

January second and third were rather eventless. We spent a lot of time just hanging out as friends and we also committed to some intense retail therapy. It was nice to spend some low pressure days with those faces and leave the big heavy camera at the hotel.

The next day, it was back to blogging business.

January 4th, 2015

The morning started with a breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. It was something I had been looking forward to for quite a while. Bread is not necessarily a strong point in Albuquerque bakeries and stores. Therefore, I was more than happy to sit down in one of my favorite LPQ locations, just south of central park and indulge in carbs.



Again, Torsten left us early to follow his own aspiration. Steffi, Pascal and I on the other hand lingered at LPQ some more to gather all the heat we could before starting a ‘hike’ through Central Park. It was a cold and foggy.



In fact, is was hard to see most of the buildings that stand in second or third row. Our stroll lead us to the point where John Lennon was killed, now commemorating him with a mosaic.


Even though, it was not a post card winter day with snow dancing through the air and kids having snow ball fights – okay we wanted to have one and were somewhat disappointed to be missing out –  this day was great to stroll through the park and have a good time.



Back at the hotel, Pascal, Steffi, and Torsten had to check into their flight home that would leave the next morning. After that was said and done, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge is quite impressive to look at and even more impressive to walk over. It offers a different view onto the city. The walk over the East River takes quite some time if you are not rushing and want to snap a few pictures. We started in the beginning of dawn and by the time we reached the other bank the sun had set. While this was not planned, it certainly made for a great atmosphere.



Hi Steffi !



Can you spot Miss Liberty?

In Brooklyn, we decided to have dinner and warm up for a while. There is not much to say about dinner at Applebee’s I guess. Afterwards, we walked some more through Brooklyn. For some reason, I had never been to Brooklyn before and I have to admit I liked what I saw. The way back was much quicker, as we took the subway and found ourselves back downtown within minutes.

We made one last pitstop at Toys’R’Us to get Cards against humanity… unfortunately, they did not sell it there. But there always needs to be something to get at a next visit, right?

The day ended early as we all had to back out suitcases and the others had a fairly early flight the next day.


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