Snow in the Desert: Albuquerque covered in a foot of snow

There are a lot of things you expect to see when you move to the desert. You hear about all the animals that could possibly kill you, about the heat, and the dryness. About how the flora is supposed to be minimalistic and the scales insane. However, you never really hear about snow. Yeah, when you google Albuquerque you see a picture or two of the city in the snow, but you dismiss it as a freak of nature. There had been some days with snow flying through the air or a snowy rain but nothing that really stayed on the ground. There were days when the school was shut down due to snow… even though there was barely an inch of snow anywhere and it disappeared within an hour.

So it was a surprise when I woke up one morning and saw my friend Katy writing on Facebook, that there was a foot of snow (30cm) outside. Sometimes Katy has an interesting sense of humor so I peeked through my window, setting myself up for disappointment… and the ground and the cars were covered in a foot of snow.

Without grabbing any breakfast I jumped into clothes, grabbed my camera and ran outside to snap pictures of our house, the campus, cactus covered in snow and much more. There is not much to say about these pictures other than enjoy:


Look at this teeny tiny cactus!!!


Possibly a comment on the inability of New Mexicans to cope with any kind of precipitation.







Everyone’s a Lobo BRR BRR BRR!!!


People went skiing on campus.


Duck pond turned into black and white art.



The metal umbrellas that are supposed to screen you from
the sun get a whole new purpose


Cacti in snow… I’ll never get over this image


But the same counts for palm trees


Just look at this!


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