Spring Break Road Trip: Blizzards, Firealarm and real life Penguins in Denver, Co

Spring Break… the time of the year when media shows some American freshmen going crazy in Mexico.

Certainly, some of my international friends headed to Mexico to do just that. My Spring Break should be slightly different. My friends Mary and Johanna from back home came to Albuquerque to visit me and together we went on a road trip. So stay tuned for the reports of this trip.

After they had landed in Los Angeles, they drove to Albuquerque and picked me up after my screenwriting class on a Monday morning. We had a great time catching up and preparing for the adventure on the next day: I had class in the morning and an exam to write, then we would hit the road to Denver.

Sounds good so far… the drive to Denver is a beautiful ride. From the desert into the woods into the heart of the Rocky Mountains…

IMG_2259 IMG_2263

On this particular tuesday, however, nature decided to play tricks on us… a blizzard hit southern Colorado. Just past Taos in Northern New Mexico, the view started to get worse and we had to slow down to have a save drive. When we made a pit stop at a gas stop, the owner told us about icy roads just north from there. So we proceeded with caution and the roads started to get worse. The rental car was equipped with summer tires and we were scared to pick up speed. So we headed over the boarded in snail speed. The conditions got worse when it started to snow. On a field on the side of the road a car was flipped over and the police was trying to help them out. Snow plows were cleaning the other lane.


We had estimated at 10pm arrival… we checked into our hotel at 2am. There was not much more we did than falling asleep right on the spot once the beds were in eyesight.

The night was short and we got up after a few hours. The ‘continental breakfast’ was very minimal, but the paper plates were actually quite useful to rid the car of the snow, as the reception did not have anything to help us with. It was still very cold, so we bundled up and drove to Denver downtown. The decision to park our car right by the Pepsi center turned out to be smart, as we got a parking spot right by the exit of the parking lot.

We started our tour of Denver by taking a walk around the rink. Not particularly interesting right?

No, you are wrong. We had completed our trip around the rink, when a number of fire trucks rushed by, almost taking us out.  This was the point when Mary joked “This is like the time when we had fire alarm during goalie camp wanna bet that the fire alarm was in the Pens locker room?”

  1. Firealarm during goalie camp is hilarious… an advice: don’t panic… once the goalies leave the ice you should start moving… on concrete, they are much slower than you are.
  2. We should have put money on that bet, because:Ohne Titel 2

Once we discovered the truth behind the fire alarm on twitter, we had a good laugh and headed towards downtown.


I have to admit, I really really really like Denver. I don’t know what it is but I guess, the mix of the downtown area with the really useful transportation system, the european vibe, and the mountains that are literally everywhere in sight… except when it snows like crazy, really appeals to me.




The day was cold. Not particularly cold for Denver, but the sun spoiled Albuquerque resident thought -14°C were not quite cozy. Though it wasn’t too bad when the wind settled. We had lunch and coffee in the converted Denver Central Station and printed our tickets, before returning to Pepsi Center.



It was my first hockey game in almost a year. The last one was one of my beloved home town team… before the big rebuilding attempt – still not quite sure why you need to rebuild a team that made it to the finals two years in a row, losing only in game 7, BUT OKAY. Just the day before, one of my all time favorite players had been traded from the Avs to Boston which was quite a disappointment… but at least I still got my NHL team play… and lose. We still had a good time and big smiles on our face when we drove home after the game.

I don't even know...
I don’t even know…
... what they are doing here
… what they are doing here
Hey there Brandon
Hey there Brandon
Kuni seems to have found something in the audience...
Kuni seems to have found something in the audience…
Stop bugging Flower! (Hej Mr. Landeskog in the far distance)
Stop bugging Flower! (Hej Mr. Landeskog in the far distance)
  • Some of the pictures were taken by Johanna

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