Spring Break Road Trip: Pacific Coast Highway

The last stop on our road trip was Los Angeles. The girls would catch a flight back home while I would embark on a long hour train ride back to Albuquerque.


When you drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles you have the choice between two routes: the 101 and the 1. The advantages of the 101 is, that it is much faster. The 1 on the other hand is very picturesque and stands just as much for the road trip experience as the 66 does.


Our decision was made quickly and we headed down the 1. This route follows the cliffs of the Californian pacific coast. Close the San Francisco, we still drove through towns and civilization, it soon turned into randomly distributed houses and it is far and in between settlements and cornerstones.


The scenery is just breathtaking and slows down the pace from the high speed city live. In fact, my dear friend Marietta who likes to push her car to its limits on the German high ways slowed the car down while we cruised along.


When the sun started to set, we pulled into one of the many emergency booths and took a long break to watch the sun set and spotted a few whales along with it.

I guess you could say that my boat trip in Hawai’i allowed my eyes to familiarize with fountains far, far away.


It was dark when we entered Southern California and we were very hungry, but also somewhat grumpy. Yeah… you could say we were angry. The only restaurant we could find along the way that was still open and offered more vegetarian options than fries was Taco Bell. So we indulged on Doritos Tacos – well not our vegetarian but she still found other options.

A little later we arrived at out hotel outside of Los Angeles and fell into our beds as soon as we were checked in.



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