Spring Break Road Trip: City of Angels – Los Angeles, CA

For the first time along the road trip our hotel included proper breakfast. Waffles, vegetables, juices, all fresh and good. It was really nice to not have to worry about what we would grab for breakfast.

I did not really spend a whole lot of time in LA, so this is just a quick write up:


On the first day, we started by walking along the Walk of Fame. To be honest, this took much longer than expected and was somewhat underwhelming.


On the other hand, it was really interesting to see the hand and food prints in front of the Chinese Theater.


Afterwards we drove up to the observatory in an attempt to get to the HOLLYWOOD sign. Due to it being a nice day… on the weekend, it was completely overrun and impossible to find a parking spot. From there we headed to the beach and took a dip in the fairly cold pacific. After the sun started to set,  we decided to commit to some more retail therapy.


For dinner, we treated ourselves to in-and-out. Unfortunately, there is no in-and-out in New Mexico so it was nice to indulge on the great fries and burgers one more time.


The next day, I had to back up my luggage early as my train back to Albuquerque left earlier that day. After breakfast we made our way through the city traffic to get to the beach one last time.


It was a great day to relax after all the driving.


Before the girls brought me to the train station, there was one last pitstop we had to take. Just like New York, Los Angeles has a Le Pain Quotidian. So we stopped there so that I could buy two loafs of bread to make it through the next few weeks in Albuquerque… As you probably remember from my New York posts, the lack of ‘proper’ bread was one of those things that are really getting to me in New Mexico.


After grabbing some snacks at Walmart, the girls dropped me off at the translation and it was time to say goodbye for a few more months.


Aboard the train, I was positively surprised about the space and amenities that the car provided.


The leg space on the south western chief is incredible and the power plugs are super useful.


My seat companion was friendly but quiet and the train took off to the 16.5 hour ride. Most of the ride was during night was is was breathtaking to see the sun rise in the desert of Arizona.


When I arrived back in Albuquerque, I was surprisingly relaxed and was hope from a fascinating trip.


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