Easter Weekend Road Trip: Blood Moon Night in White Sands National Monument

One has to embark on a more than two hour drive to get from Trinity Site to White Sands. Down in the National Park we met up with some of the people who decided not to join our over night trip and heated up the grill for a barbecue. So while the day-time visitors started to clear out and headed home, we sat down with food and watched dusk beginning far far away. The group in Fritz’ car had taken detour to Walmart, so they arrived a little later.


While the sun set we had dinner and then the ‘day group’ soon left to head back to Albuquerque.


This is what happened when you try to take a picture of the sunset when on the road with a bunch of great goofs.


This was our campsite. Usually people are allowed to camp offsite this site but due to some circumstance, this was not permitted in this night. Thus, we were the only people camping in the entire national park that night.


So far away from civilization everything looks much cooler and much more interesting, as the light pollution ist very minimal.


Here, you can observe a bunch of city guys trying to set up a tent. Christina’s faithful tent is already set up nicely, but they still struggle.


It was very dark very early and we decided to get sleeping around 11, primarily because our alarms were set on 5:00 am to watch the sun rise at 5:30 am.


Just to think that we were the only people in this whole desert is mind blowing.


The slow rise of the sun looked almost as magnificent as it did on the top of the volcano on Maui.


The sun got cause on the sides of all the dunes and it just looked incredibly mesmerizing. In fact, I took 147 pictures of the sun rising and its reflections in the sand.


Unlike my first trip with Silke, this time, we came prepared with sleds. It is much more find as you could believe… and much different than sledding in snow.


Unfortunately, you have to climb back up the dune… I visited White Sands two times…. and I am willing to return if there ever is a chance again. Such an amazing place 🙂


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