Breaking Bad/ Impressions of Albuquerque

When I first decided to go to Albuquerque a lot of people did not quite know where to place it. With many, however, mentioning High School Musical or Breaking Bad rang a bell. While the first one was not actually filmed in Albuquerque, the latter one is the pride of many. There are several companies that offer tours to well known locations around the city, but these come at a great cost. In the course of the year, it happened two times that I gathered a bunch of friends and we visited some locations.

Now, I never watched Breaking Bad, so I’m sure I will watch it some time when I start missing the city, but I still joined the trip. However, I did not take too many shots, thus I combine the few Breaking Bad related pictures I took with many more Albuquerque impressions, as I never really posted a great number of them.

In fact I only took about four pictures of Breaking Bad locations, as most of the locations as some of the motels, stores or restaurants are either just part of every day life, or no longer in existence. However, these three locations are quite famous… according to what my friends say.

  1. Walter’s house


    It is a normal family house in one of the suburb. Apparently, it is a thing to throw pizza on the roof, so the family and the neighbors are slightly annoyed when people stop buy. However, we were friendly and obliged all the rules… I mean just look at all those signs… but you know… there is a reason for all each rule and sign… I am actually quite curious about all the stories this family could tell.

  2. Saul’s office


    Yes. There is a store front for Saul Goodman’s office. While there used to be a whole store for it, they recently started to remodel the store space into a restaurant but left the door with its labeling for fans to fan about.

  3. The studios.


    These are the Albuquerque film studios (more about these in a later post). While the sound stages did play a role in making the series, they also happen to be on the exact position of the famous coordinates.


Albuquerque impressions

Albuquerque is an interesting place and I took a great number of random pictures. They never quite fit into any post and the Breaking Bad post felt too little. Thus I decided to throw these pictures in here to share 🙂


On this door you can see the flag of New Mexico, the so called Zia Symbol. While it does represent a sun, the 16 rays in four groups all have a meaning.

The four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
The four phases of the day: Sunrise, Noon, Evening and Night
The four phases of life: Childhood, Youth, Adulthood and Senility
The four cardinal directions: North, South, West and East


Soft Tacos and fries, with green chile and ranch dressing. This dish is one of the things I miss the most about Albuquerque. Sure I do miss my friends but I can text them or talk to them on Skype. But the amazing soft chicken tacos from Frontier with the green chile (even though the color is red), their super amazing fries and the unique ranch dressing… yeah I’m hungry.


Old town Albuquerque. I did not really get to spend a lot of time in old town Albuquerque, nor did I take many pictures there. But I sure loved it.IMG_7851

See above 😉IMG_7854

I passed this church every morning on my way to class. it is a very pretty building to look at an the old car made it look extra pretty.


One evening, I went out and took a few pictures of my neighborhood during sunset. I love the reflections of the sun in this one in particular. This house really stood apart from all the traditional adobe houses in my street.


Downtown Albuquerque in the mist during sunset… looking towards the far west.


The University it is.


Zimmerman library without snow for once. I swear that skiing picture was taken from exactly this spot. What a difference a couple of months can make.


Rio Grande in the South Valley looking not too grande. However, it looks like chocolate milk.


Some incredible desert creation at Nob Hill Bar and Grill. Unfortunately, I can not remember what really all went in to it but it was delicious and I very much would like to have it again. Like now.


One fixed date in the week was our Geeks who Drink outing in the Cube. The Cube is a barbecue joint just a block away from our place so that is where my neighbors and I liked to spend some time at. This brisket is so tender it actually made me eat pork.


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