Black Light Run

In April, the weather started warming up again and it began getting a lot nicer. This was great because at some point during the glooming gray spring, we had decided to sign up for a Black Light Color Run… Mainly to give all of us a reason to hit the track and stay in form. To be honest, the only thing that weather made you want to do was curl up by the fire and stay warm.

The day of the run approached and we all bundled up to head to the Balloon Fiesta Park where it was held. The sun was setting and for the first time ever I snapped a picture that somewhat represented the beauty of the Sandias during sunset. These mountains were given their name because early Spanish settlers thought that during sunset, they looked like water mellon.IMG_7662

All seven of us cuddled up in Christina’s car on the way up and the atmosphere was great. Everyone motivated to have a great time 🙂


We arrived a little before the start so there was a lot of time to take some happy, clean pictures.


We had a really great time. It was fun to see how many people from class you met on the track. The group I ran with constantly changed as some decided to slow down, others sped up and yet others just joined us along the way.


We did not even check the time but were even happier and much dirtier when we finally crossed the finish line.


At the finish line, there was a DJ playing some music and throwing even more of the glowing powder into the masses.


It got everywhere… really everywhere.


Thumbs up for a slightly different, but very fun night out with the girls.



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