Apocalypse in Albuquerque

During the spring term, there was one class I enjoyed very much: Screenwriting. The professor was downright amazing, had a lot of experience in the field and the class was driven and motivated.

However, the class was held in the IFDM Building. Due to it being a building from the film studies, it is set by the film studios down in Mesa del Sol. IMG_7479.JPG

It is a really great building with awesome views and good equipments so it is a fun place to work at.


Usually you have very blue skies and fun working there.


On the way down for the first class, it already seemed like we would get hit by some rain soon.


It was the last class of the term and we all had individual meetings with Michael to talk through our scripts. In the lobby to his office there were snacks and we had a jolly good time waiting. IMG_7823.JPG

One of the great things of the offices up there is, that you can peek over the fence and look at the productions happening in the sound stages.


The rain started getting worse and suddenly a crazy hail storm hit us.


It was raining and hailing hard for about 10 minutes and you could not hear what other people were saying because the noise of the hail hitting the glass was too loud.


In fact, it hailed to much that it piled up at the door and flooded the building… did someone open the chamber of secrets?


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