On My Way Home: Pittsburgh, PA

It is a well-known secret, that Pittsburgh is my all time favorite city in the United States. Not only do I have a bunch of great friends that live there, but also the unique vibe of the city appeals to me very much and there is something about it, that reminds me of home.
So it was a no brainer that I would make a pitstop in Pittsburgh on my way to Chicago.

As I had been to Pittsburgh before, there was not a real to do sigh seeing list but more of an laissez-faire mood. My friend Iris from Germany came to Pittsburgh, too and we had a great time. Looking back I now realize that I only took a hand full of pictures but there is no way to change it right?

The first day we mainly found took a long walk trough the city, running some errands and visiting some favorite spots. We both were somewhat jet lagged and had a slow start. So buy the time we were done downtown, the Pirates noon game was over and the riverwalk flooded with people.


The love this city has for their sports teams is something that I like a lot. I mean Cologne does love (some of) their teams but Pittsburgh takes it to another level as an entire city.

We both were tired so it was nice to sit on the steps between Heinz Field and the Science Museum and take in some sun and get some well-deserved rest.


But also the view from these steps on downtown is amazing. Now add the clipper in front of Point Park and a bunch of ducks and geese and the picture looks like a postcard.


The next day we spent at the Niagara Falls and in Canada which you can read all about here (coming soon).


But returning to Pittsburgh from Canada was not the worst thing. (I KNOW MOM IT’S SUPER CROOKED). I mean look at this sight.

The next day I left my camera at the hotel, smart I know. But I certainly do remember that we made a stop at Primati’s at Market Square.


Later that day we met up with my two dear friends Jenna and Amber on the South Side for dinner and it was great catching up with the two. Amber and I had a good laugh remembering the San Jose incident when we all found out that the guy sitting next to me was a good friend of hers.


After dinner, Amber offered to drop us off on top of Mount Washington. For the past 5 years I have had a blown up picture of the Pittsburgh Skyline at night in my place to we gladly accepted and started strolling from the Point of View statue to the Duquesne Incline.


The beauty of this city is incredible. It looked even better in person and there are much better pictures than this, but I did not bring a tripod so I had to rely on fences or poles to stabilize my shots.


After crossing the Monongahela, we walked through downtown to the Consol Energy Center to 1) say hi to the Mario Lemieux staue and 2) grab a cab for the last few kilometers.


The next morning we were woken up by the sound of someone showering…. but it wasn’t a shower it was rain. We decided to grab breakfast at Panera Bread and headed back up to our hotel room because it was raining too hard. Neither of us had brought an umbrella and it was raining and hailing… and overall not a pleasing weather.

At some point we finally saw some light.


So we decided to make the best of it. The destination for the evening was Shady Side. If I ever was to move to Pittsburgh… I would probably love to live there. It is just a quirky interesting place to be. Iris had never been there so we walked from the University of Pittsburgh to Mario’s Saloon where we grabbed dinner.


When I visited Pittsburgh in 2013, I read that there was a street in Shady Side that was paved with wood instead of concrete. Back then I had tried to find it but it was more of a half-hearted attempt and we did not find it. Thus, I was determined to find it this time. Please keep in mind, that by this time it was very dark. But hey we found it and I was amazed.


Yeah I guess little things can make me happy.
Back at the hotel we started packing up our room. The next morning we checked out and I dropped Iris off at the Greyhound Station as she was headed to Washington DC before meeting up with me in Chicago again. After she was gone, I met up with my friend Joe. He moved to Pittsburgh around the time I moved to Albuquerque and we had a great conversation and it was a nice way to end this visit in Pittsburgh.



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