On My Way Home: Let’s walk to Canada by the Niagara Falls

In 6th or 7th grade a teacher made us write a visual documentary about a vacation we would like to take. My documentary centered around watching wild killer whales in western Canada and visiting the Niagara Falls.

When Iris and I fixed the plans to meet up in Pittsburgh, we soon decided to get a car and take a day trip to the Niagara Falls.

Early in the morning we left Pittsburgh and headed up North East. Crossing through parts of Amish Country reminds of older times.


Right next this small cottage and the bar – I assume it is to tie down the horses of Amish carriages when making a stop? – was a gas station. This was the only stop we made on the way to Niagara Falls, so we only drove past a number of cities on the way including Buffalo, NY.


When we finally arrived in Niagara Falls, we looked for the cheapest – which is very relative – parking lot and lathered up with sun screen. The sun was out, no cloud on the sky and it was getting quite warm. With all the water around we figured it would be quite smart to apply some serious SPF.


We headed to the American rim first to get a first view and it is quite impressive. After taking approximately 35 pictures and 5 selfies (I mean sometimes you just have to, right?) we double checked for our passports and headed on the Rainbow Bridge to walk from the US to Canada. It is a nice short walk that gives you great views and nice angles for pictures.

Finally on the other side you have to pass a quick passport check, give your reason of visitation (Find a Tim Hortons and get some Timbits) and off you go.



In Canada we looked at different touristic stores and ended up buying nothing. Then we purchased tickets for the ferry to get closer to the falls.



Looking at the falls from almost water level is just stunning and absolutely breathtaking. The boat ride is worth the near panic attack and every single penny.


Back on land we walked through the very touristy town and purchased a big box of Timbits and some frozen drinks at Tim Hortons to cool ourselves down.


After a few hours it was time to walk back to the US.


So we headed back on the Rainbow Bridge and walked.

I really wish we would have had more time at the Falls. Not necessarily for the falls themselves but to explore the region a little more. For obvious reasons we left the car in the US. So it would have been nice to have the car to drive around or just a lot more time to take a hike down stream.

It was a long time wish to come see the falls and I am happy we took the day to drive out there. While it is off the bucket list to see the falls, the item of exploring the area added itself to it.


Wow I have not blogged in over one month. This is entirely to be blamed on grad school. I have a generous four day break so I hope to get back into the blogging game for a little bit.

All the best from the Netherlands xx


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